Our Methodology


DanaInfra’s main objectives are to ensure Certainty of Funds and Optimum Financing Cost through market-driven pricing that is near sovereign rates. This will be achieved via the following:


1. Strategising fundraising to lower overall financing cost by:

rating star blank Timing the issuance to take advantage of market situation, and 

rating star blank Raising a right mix of instruments and maturity profile to obtain optimum financing cost


2. Structuring the best methods to raise funding primarily through capital markets by:

rating star blank Identifying potential issuers and strategic investors, and 

rating star blank Arranging for possible strategic investment


3. Developing the most effective payment structures based on the Government’s fiscal appetite by:

rating star blank Ensuring balance between cost efficiency of the debt repayment strategy and the Government’s

    operating expenditure appetite, and 

rating star blank Repayment through Government’s contribution on deferred payment basis