Frequently Asked Questions

Pan Borneo Highway Sarawak (Phase 1) Project

1. What is Pan Borneo Highway Sarawak (Phase 1) Project?

Pan Borneo Highway Sarawak was officially launched by the Prime Minister in Bintulu on 31 March 2015 to accelerate the social and economic growth of Sarawak. It involves major effort to fully develop and upgrade the existing Pan Borneo Highway from 2-lane single carriageway to 4-lane dual-carriageway from Sematan to Miri and new 2-lane single carriageway from Telok Melano to Sematan. Once completed it will be slated to be the transportation backbone of the State of Sarawak and will play a major role to open up economic corridors and opportunities in areas it transverses.

The Phase 1 of the Pan Borneo Highway Sarawak involves the construction and upgrading of highway from Telok Melano to Miri with total distance of 786km.